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At Nera we are specialists in the commercialization and search of products in the international market. We are the link between the exporting company and its foreign market. We take your company to new markets through the best option.

International services

Trade representation Opening of new markets Commercial strategy Institutional representation Product research and selection Marketing consulting

Bonded warehouse services

Enjoy successful customs in our bonded warehouse!! If you need to save costs on the time your goods are kept at port. If you want more flexibility with each transport. If you’re looking for more secure goods protection and maintenance at customs.

+15 years experience in international trade

We are experts in international business and we have the opportunity and resources to take responsibility for the realization of foreign imports and exports, regardless of country.

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  • Oils

    Eos laudantium repellat sed architecto earum.

  • Zinc

    Eos laudantium repellat sed architecto earum.

Nera Worldwide

China - Shanghái
Sales Office
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USA - Miami
Bonded Warehouse
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Uruguay - Montevideo
Bonded Warehouse
Ruta 8 Km 17.500,Montevideo, Uruguay 39,983228, -0,024440
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Spain- Valencia
Bonded Warehouse
C. del Dr. Josep Juan Dómine, 12, Poblats Marítims, 46011 València, Valencia
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Tanzania - Dar es-Salaam
Bonded Warehouse
Rita Tower, Sim Road,P.O Box 4618,Dar Es Salaam,Tanzania
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Explore Nera Worldwide's services, leveraging over 15 years of international trade expertise to connect and expand your business globally.


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